KEEM is a collaboration between artists Kate Elliott and Emma McGarry. It was established in 2011, as an exploration into the nature of collaboration. Through methodology, ongoing discussion and debate, KEEM produces work which continuously questions subjectivity, materiality and identity.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

KEEM at the Farringdon Factory

During the month-long residency at the Farringdon Factory, KEEM have been busy working on two projects - Here I Stand for Five Minutes and Light Map. Each half of KEEM, Kate Elliott and Emma McGarry, initiated one of the two projects, both in relation to their own, independent work at the Factory. 

 Still from Here I Stand for Five Minutes © KEEM, 2013

Still from documention of Light Map © KEEM, 2013 
 Light Map 1 © KEEM, 2013

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